I like to keep things simple for you, so here's how it works -

A session costs £150.

We would start with a phone conversation to discuss what you would like to get from the session, arrange a suitable date and choose a location. I will have some ideas that work for each time of year, but you can bring your own, as long as they around 15 miles from Woking.

At the chosen date and time we will meet and spend two hours together which will provide plenty of time for everyone to relax and have fun whilst I try to capture those moments. I will take at least 30 photos during the session.

In the days following the session I will work on the photos to tidy them up and edit as necessary before posting you all the photos on a memory stick or DVD for you to keep, print and share as you wish.

New-born sessions

If the session is for a baby up to 2 weeks old, I will spend up to 3 hours with you and the baby to ensure we have enough time for soothing and feeding as necesary. During the session I will take at least 30 photos and you will receive all of them on a memory stick or DVD.

Babies and toddlers session

For the slightly bigger ones we will spend upto 2 hours in the session which allows enought time for me to play with your child or children before starting to take photos. They can run around the garden or show me their favorite toys, which would help letting the energy out and take the shyness away and again - I will tke at least 30 photos and you will receive all of them on a memory stick or DVD.

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